Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

How Simple Breathwork Exercises Help Reduce Stress, Aid Sleep And Improve Health

Learn the secrets to reducing the rush of cortisol which so many of us deal with in our modern lives. Learn simple exercises that will help you lead a more vibrant and balanced life through the transformative power of breathwork as Harmony Slater, an acclaimed Ashtanga yoga teacher and certified coach, takes us on a journey through the art of pranayama breathing. During our conversation, Harmony describes aspects of traditional yoga philosophy, her experiences in India, and the modern scientific backing that uphold these age-old practices. Together, we discuss the eight limbs of yoga, emphasizing that it's much more than physical postures—it's a full spectrum of philosophical guidance for mindful living, including breath control and meditation. 


Harmony Slater's wisdom illustrates the undeniable benefits of incorporating simple, mindful breathing techniques into our daily lives, no matter what our yoga experience may be. Delve into the versatility of breathwork from energizing pranayamas to calming practices like box breathing and starfish breathing, suitable for adults and children alike. Learn how adapting these ancient techniques to our personal needs can significantly affect our nervous system and overall well-being. From chronic stress management to enhancing meditation practices, Harmony offers a roadmap to a more conscious and serene existence.


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